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"In October 2002, Christophe Guyot, rider and Patrick Jacquot President of La Mutuelle des Motards imagined the project "OPEN CIRCUITS". From meetings to meetings, this issue was developed, garnering the support of the greatest players in the motorcycle world. Thus FFMC encourage bikers to visit protected thanks to the support of the FFM is proposed to regulate and ensure the safety of all places.
This burst of enthusiasm is not the only sign of solidarity legendary two-wheels lovers. Accepting each other to associate their identity, each demonstrates the same spirit towards a citizens' agenda. " 

• The community (State, Region or Department) commended the existing circuits in France during the weekends.

• The circuits are available to bikers on the operating mode of the Carole circuit.

Why ?

- The Government has decided to strengthen the crackdown on speeding.


- The means used are very important. The "fear of the police" is widespread.

It is therefore urgent to propose an alternative, if you want to accept the idea of ​​banning. It is primarily an educational measure for those who do not understand the repression alone and secondly to develop a true spirit of citizenship on the part of road users. "We offer a space to practice speed near you - a place to use many bikes for sporting purposes.

- In exchange, you are asked prudence and acceptance of the rules imposed by the Road Safety. "

It is also a measure of good democratic sense: to protect citizens while addressing the need for speed expressed by some of the youth. 

How ?

- The example of the operation of the circuit Carole demonstrates that the application of this measure is perfectly feasible with great simplicity of implementation and organization.

- Our survey on the availability of circuits shows that the project "Open circuits" is immediately applicable in some regions. 

The example of Circuit Carole

The Carole circuit is the only circuit of France reserved primarily for motorcycle and open all year pilot. It welcomes all two-wheeler, registered or not, 49.9 cm3 for larger vehicles.


Today is the third busiest in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis public site after the Stade de France and Parc de la Courneuve. To drive, simply present the original documents, valid:

- Driving license

- Insurance 
- Vehicle documentation 

In 2002, the track circuit has hosted 15,000 bikers on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (1). In 2002, the track circuit Carole recorded an increase in attendance of 39.6% (2). 

(1) Taking into account the large audience, this figure is multiplied by six.


(2) All activities included, pay on weekdays and free on weekends.

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