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mike di meglio enters the world endurance history.

2017-08-18 19:05

Mike Di Meglio is native of Toulouse. He was born on January 17th, 1988 and it is a French motorcycle rider engaged in Endurance World Championship with GMT94 Yamaha.

Winner of 24 hours of Le Mans for his first participation, then winner of 8 hours of Oschersleben and 8 hours of Slovakia, Mike Di Meglio became the first rider in history to win three races in a row for his first participation in EWC.

Grand Prix rider in 125 cm3, then in MOTO2 and in MOTOGP, no one doubted his speed. It is his human qualities, his humility, his state of mind, his mind, his physical condition, his confidence in his teammates and his team, combined with his .... ....

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niccolo canepa: first italian rider ewc world champion !

2017-08-14 17:28

Niccolò Canepa is an Italian rider which was born on May 14th 1988 in Genoa, Liguria (north-western region of Italy).

Niccolò Canepa started his career in an Italian championship. He then joined  the European Superstock 600 championship, Then the Superstock World Cup, the MotoGP and finally the World Superbike.

He won his first world title in 2007 in the Superstock 1000 world cup. His intelligence combined with an undeniable talent led him to contribute to the development of MotoGP and Superbike machines.

In 2016 Niccolò Canepa joins the Yamaha GMT94 to race in the EWC World Championship. The same year, he .... ....

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david checa: three world champion titles !

2017-08-09 18:25

David Checa is a Spanish rider. He was born on April 20th, 1980. He is native of Catalonia, more precisely of Sant Fruitós de Bages (a province of Barcelona).

David began the motorcycle in the 250 GP category. His older brother, Carlos Checa, was a strength and a model for him as he was also a motorcycle pilot. In 2002, he was Casey Stoner’s team-mate while he was in LCR Team. He will achieve very beautiful performances.

David Checa decides then to turn to another discipline: endurance motorcycle. He was contacted during the 2003 season further Christophe Guyot's wound. He joined then the GMT94 Yamaha Team. From his first ....

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gmt94 yamaha ewc 2017 world champion.

2017-07-30 14:48

David CHECA, Niccolò CANEPA, Mike Di MEGLIO and Lucas MAHIAS led the GMT94 Yamaha R1 DUNLOP on the top step of the Endurance World championship podium.

After the 13 points scored at the Bol d'Or, the GMT94 Yamaha R1 ridden by David CHECA, Niccolò CANEPA and Lucas MAHIAS, had to fill a gap of 47 points to the provisional leader.

Lucas MAHIAS joined the Supersport world championship as an official Yamaha rider, so Mike Di MEGLIO had to replace him for the rest of the championship.

The new trio of David CHECA, Niccolò CANEPA and Mike Di MEGLIO won the 24 hours of Le Mans, then the 8 hours of .... ....

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2017-07-30 11:12

The YAMAHA GMT94 had to make a STOP AND GO. It is a penalty consisting in a compulsory passage by the pit lane, followed by a complete stop of the bike during a given time. 

Christophe GUYOT : « Mike DI MEGLIO overtook under the yellow flag. I viewed the video, it was impossible for him to see the yellow flag at this moment. Mike is an experimented rider, he knows rules. The charge being justified, we applied the regulation. »

This stop should not impacts the GMT94's first goal, the world championship. Nevertheless, they will lose certainly one or two places in the ranking of the 8 hours of Suzuka.

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less than 3h racing

2017-07-30 09:40

During the two previous relays, an electronic issue complicated the task of the riders and the mechanics. The riders have to adjust their runs without traction control.


Christophe GUYOT : « It's a failure we had twice in two years. It is difficult to adjust, but we see that Mike DI MEGLIO manages to roll at the same pace despite this issue. He is going to enjoy to race, to ride at the best he can. He just made 2'11"03 ; there was a moment we were struggling to ride below 2'13"00. Now, we are doing good. We can hope a top 10, which would be really great ! »


Mike DI MEGLIO is doing a wonderful relay. He's putting ....

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mid-race review

2017-07-30 08:56

Halfway through, the YAMAHA GMT94 is at the 11th place.

The riders are running through hard relays because of the because they're playing for. Do not make mistakes is paramount. The YAMAHA GMT94 has three laps ahead of SERT. At the moment, they are in a good position. The team remains very concentrated to make the best possible refuelling. Despite the pressure, the riders keep on giving the best of themselves. David CHECA is currently on the track. He's achieving excellent lap times !


© photo david reygondeau / good-shoot.com



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the gap is widening

2017-07-30 06:35

The bike is in twelfth position. The first goal of this race for the GMT94 is the world title. David CHECA is panelling only compared with the SERT's bike. There was a one lap between both bikes, we have now one lap and three seconds. The gap is widening more and more. The time is precious, especially on endurance races where anything can happen.


Buy time to prevent a possible issue, but without taking too much risks, is the GMT94's goal of the day.


.... .... .... ....

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niccolÒ canepa's very good start

2017-07-30 06:10

Niccolò CANEPA took a very good start. The stress was present becauseof  the world title goal. Furthermore, he fell on the worst conditions which can happen : drops of water, but not « real » rain. He was extremely careful.

In the pit like on the track, it is the SERT's bike that we follow because it represents a potential obstacle to the world title. Before the arrival of drops of water, Niccolò CANEPA managed to widen a gap of 15 seconds with SERT, that he stabilized then. His relay was increased by one more lap then David CHECA took the relay. #1 was blocked by Pace Car, what allowed us to dig the gap : from .... ....

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d-day warm-up

2017-07-30 02:56

The GMT94 YAMAHA has 12th lap time of the Warm-up. They have choosen to save many tires to have a lot for the race. Therefore, they ran in used tires this morning. Consequently, this 12th lap time is considered as a good one.

It was raining this morning. David Checa felt very good. Mike Di Meglio and Niccolò Canepa experimented this situation the previous days. They also ran with a lot of ease. When it's raining, the GMT 94 can compete with the leading bikes thanks to his homogeneous crew.

The start of the race approaches

Christophe Guyot: « We need to be very smart. Do not commit error. Do not make a goal mistake. For sure, we .... ....

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