Crashes for Lorenzo Baldassarri, double penalty for Valentin Debise

30 July 2023

Race resume

Very encouraging warm-ups at the start of the day for the 2 GMT94 Yamaha riders. P3 for Valentin Debise and P7 for Lorenzo Baldassarri, their best performance in an official session since the start of the season. Race results failed to live up to expectations. Crashes for Lorenzo Baldassarri, and 3 penalties for Valentin Debise after a flag-to-flag race.

Lorenzo Baldassarri was hit by a rival as he entered the chicane. The GMT94 rider was extremely disappointed, as he had made an excellent start and was soon up to 10th alongside Danilo Petrucci.
Lorenzo Baldassarri moved up to 13th on lap 1 after another good start. A violent crash (fortunately without damage to the rider) at the entrance to the chicane halted his momentum and his ambitions to enter the points.
For the first 5 laps of the race, Valentin Debise battled with the leading group before raindrops began to fall. Like several of his rivals, the 94 rider decided to pit and change to rain tires. This is the “flag-to-flag” procedure, which authorizes any rider to enter the pits to change tires, provided he respects a 73-second pit stop. The team carried out the operation quickly and Valentin crossed the pit exit line on time, but race management imposed a long-lap penalty for incorrect pit entry. Race management then imposed another penalty (long lap) for incorrect pit entry. The team flagged the rider but as the penalty was not displayed on his dashboard, Valentin did not apply the long lap.He then received a double “long lap” for failing to complete the first one on time. However, Valentin Debise finished the race in 12th position, taking home an unexpected 4 points.
The GMT94 riders will meet again at Magny-Cours on August 18 to prepare for the next event, which will take place in France in September.

Lorenzo Baldassarri sur une piste mouillée en course sprint à Most
Lorenzo Baldassari ITA Yamaha YZF R1 GMT94 Yamaha Superbike WSBK Most 2023 (Circuit Most) 28-30.07.2023 photo: Lukasz Swiderek @photopsp_lukasz_swiderek

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