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Experience the thrill of racing with GMT94

“Thrill days” is a project set up by the GMT94 almost every year since 1991. Christophe Guyot’s team opens the doors of motorsport to its partners and to all companies that wish to offer an unforgettable experience to its employees, partners and customers, while associating its image with the French team.


The GMT94 has been an independent team since its inception. The diffusion of its spiritual and social values would be difficult to preserve without freedom. This position is always more difficult to maintain year after year, while it offers the strength necessary to fight on a daily basis. It is now even fully integrated into the intrinsic characteristics of the machine number “94”. “Les Journées Frissons” is what allows the GMT94 to maintain its independence, in order to demonstrate that it is possible to be efficient while positioning the human being at the centre of interests.


The event takes place in June on the Circuit Carole (France – Paris). It is totally organized by the GMT94 competition team. The mechanics, riders and the complete structure on the World Championship races are installed on site to welcome and animate the day. On the agenda? Karting, motorcycle duos, Yamaha range tests and track riding.


Jules Cluzel, multiple vice-champion of the World Supersport Championship, winner of the British Moto2 Grand Prix in 2010 and of 21 races in total, will be present on this day. Andy Verdoia, the new GMT94 rider, will also be on site. Sebastien, Benoit, Gregory, Alexandre, Christophe Guyot and the rest of the GMT94 team will be in charge the animation, thrills garanteed !


This day is intended to offer an unforgettable experience to the entourage of each participating company. It is also an opportunity for each of the structures present to meet potential new companies. Actors from the printing, IT, tooling, insurance and many others are present at each edition. Some exhibit their products, others organize their meeting , but they are also those who come to share a moment of complicity with the people they work with everyday.


Participation in the 2022 “Journées Frissons” also guarantees the GMT94’s status as an “Official Partner”. The company will therefore find its logo on different communication supports and will be able to freely enjoy the image of the GMT94. A tailor-made adaptation of the partnership is also possible, in order to meet everyone’s expectations.

The company will have full rights to use the images taken during the Supersport World Championship races.


To participate in the “Journées Frissons”, simply send an email to, or send a message via the “Contact” section of the website.

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