GMT94’s commitment to youth

13 April 2023

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The GMT94 Yamaha team went to Maison Alfort (94) this week to meet the students of six third-grade classes at Nicolas de Staël college.
Orientation of speed lovers towards the Carole circuit and the French Motorcycle Federation. Presentation of the motorcycle section of the Jacques Brel high school (Choisy le Roi). Motorcycle jobs, sharing the road between motorcycles, cars, trucks, bicycles, scooters, etc. Many topics were discussed thanks to the many questions asked by the students and the school principal.

Christophe Guyot also informed that all students were invited with their parents to attend the French FSBK championship event free of charge, which will take place on August 26/27 at the Carole circuit.

Thanks to Annie Moulin, Principal of the establishment and to the teachers for their welcome.
Thanks to Jessica Tanneux (E-novation) Arsia Ghodssi (Lycée Jacques Brel) and Judes Asaph from GMT94 for their help and interventions.

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1 October 2023

Race resume

End of the weekend on the Portimão circuit in Portugal. In Supersport, Valentin Debise, who started on the 2nd row, made a good start by moving up to 4th place. But quickly, the driver of the “94” was overtaken by several competitors and after a few laps, the French driver stopped complaining of a lack of power from his Yamaha R6. We are really sorry for him because Valentin achieved […]

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24 September 2023

Race resume

In the World Supersport Championship, the Aragon circuit was not the easiest for Valentin Debise and his Yamaha R6. Less dominant than at Magny Cours, the French rider also had to contend with 950cc / 765cc and 800cc machines with faster acceleration and top speed on the very fast Aragon circuit. However, Ten Kate rider Stéfano Manzi showed that a 600cc Yamaha could take advantage of a very agile chassis […]

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