Road Safety Week at the Carole circuit

13 April 2024


Kiara Traoré, is a student at Sciences Po. As part of her training in communication and her passion for sport (she plays rugby at an excellent level) Kiara accompanied students from the Fernand Léger vocational high school (Ivry sur Seine) to the Carole circuit.

She tells :

It’s 9:30 a.m. at the start of the Lycée Fernand Léger in Ivry-sur-Seine and the students sitting behind me are talking about the origins of fries. For one, they are French, for the other, they are Belgian; then a comparison is made. I quote: “Bugatti is Italian but in France therefore it is French”. This is the first comment about motorsport that I have heard this morning. I then wonder if in this bus of 50 students if there are any real motorsport fans and if this day will please the most skeptical.

This day organized by GMT94 at Circuit Carole is under the prism of prevention and initiation. CRS who come to educate students about the dangers of the road with practical workshops on real motorcycles and scooters and theoretical workshops on the highway code. I am reassured when I see hands raised during the introductory meeting at the start of the day. Some students have done their research well and the questions lead to others. The journey of Christophe Guyot (endurance world champion, winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans and manager of the GMT94) inspires the students to try their luck and although I am sitting at the back of the room, I perceive, through their posture, a renewed hope for a future in this sport.

Despite the torrential weather, Christophe assures us that the sun will return in 15 minutes flat – followed by a collective laugh from his staff and students – before explaining to us the history of the Carole Circuit. In order to put an end to the excesses in Rungis in the 70s, within the community of speed-loving bikers, the Carole circuit was created for speed enthusiasts. Every other weekend will be free for all speed enthusiasts.

This allows bikers to go fast and do it in the comfort and safety of a real circuit.

The CRS, while waiting for the rain to calm down, ask the students the following question: “Who has a motorcycle license? …We won’t do a check-up on you, we promise! So who has ever driven a motorcycle or scooter?”

Humor and conviviality are there. Everyone starts laughing since no one raised their hand for the first question and more than half raised their hand for the second. Seeing the sky clear, Christophe Ecollan (the head of the CRS) organizes the students into three groups which will each go to three different workshops. I first go to the road safety workshop where I learn a lot about the different types of motorcycle licenses. A CRS introduces us to the various mandatory and recommended accessories when driving a motorcycle and I am surprised to see that the students know the safety and emergency numbers very well.

After the training, I head with my group outside where some of the students train on the electric scooter or motorcycle with other CRS. The GMT94 racing truck is imposing. It was moved for the occasion and the students just want to visit it. A racing motorcycle is right in front and students line up to take their photos one by one. Students, who this morning when leaving high school did not necessarily seem excited about this outing, seem extremely happy and excited to discover how to drive a motorcycle. The entire GMT 94 team takes great care of Fernand Léger’s students and the route created for the students is sometimes congested. Despite the few learning errors and a few missed maneuvers, the students were very attentive and wanted to make proud the professionals who took their time to teach them to fly.

I kept my ears open during the ride home where all the students were grateful and happy to have spent a day at the Carole circuit. Compliments for Christophe and his team came from everywhere and I am sure that some of them will be present at the speed championship next August.

Indeed, Christophe announced that entry would be free for all Ivryans and arranged for them to meet in Ivry on June 22 and 23 to collect their entry tickets!

Kiara Traoré, student in Master of Communication, Media and Creative Industries at Sciences Po Paris.

Christophe Guyot et Chiara Traoré au Circuit Carole
Journée sécurité routière au Circuit Carole
Christophe Guyot présente le GMT94 aux jeunes du Val-de-Marne

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