The CRS/Assurance Prévention track in Ivry sur Seine from 13th to 16th September

15 September 2021

Ivry-sur-Seine - France


This week, the town of Ivry sur Seine, the French Police, Assurance Prevention and the GMT94 team are hosting 240 secondary school students on the CRS / Assurance Prévention road safety track. Four days with passionate policemen who bring their experience and their pedagogy to train young people in responsible driving.

Assurance Prévention is an association that brings together all French insurers. Prevention is an integral part of the insurance work. It is a cause to which all insurers are committed and which is inseparable from their social responsibility.

In partnership with the French Ministry, the CRS/Assurance Prévention track introduces young drivers to good safety practices. Every year, thirty operations are organized throughout France, raising awareness among more than 10,000 people, including 9,000 schoolchildren.

Through its prevention activities with young people in the Val de Marne, Christophe Guyot and his team, the GMT94, share the same commitment as Assurance Prévention.

The presence of the GMT94 alongside Assurance Prévention contributes to a vision of motorized two-wheelers that reconciles freedom and respect for others, pleasure, safety and risk management.

To be discovered all week in front of the Marie d’Ivry.

Photos available here.

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