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12 March 2021

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Next week, the first winter tests will take place in Spain. During the winter, Jules Cluzel and Federico Caricasulo answered several interviews. Here is how feel GMT94 riders before the 2021 season starts.

Federico Caricasulo talks about his 2020 season and his ambitions for 2021 with GMT94.

“My 2020 season was not that bad, my results were OK. I’m going back to Supersport in a top team, to show that I’m still really fast on a bike and I aim to come back even stronger in Superbike, with what I missed in 2019: the Supersport world title. ” told the Italian rider to Motosprint.

He also added: “I learned a lot of things riding the 1000cc. I will try to apply everything on the 600, as I have gained experience since 2019. ”

“I learned French at school but unfortunately I forgot everything. I started to work on it again with books. I would like to be able to say a few words at the end of the championship, but for the moment I will speak mostly in English, although I am making an effort to learn French to talk to the whole team.” replied Federico to the journalist.

Jules Cluzel talked about his new teammate Federico Caricasulo and his goals for the upcoming 2021 season.

I pushed to have someone like Federico in the team this year. It’s always good to have someone who can really push the team and my performances. Having Federico on board and having very good data is very important. ” told the French rider to

“This is only the second time in my career that I have been with a team for so long. I’m really happy to be back, it’s like my second family now. We know each other very well and it’s always good to work alongside people who understand you. I can’t wait to get back to this work for 2021. ”Jules added on

Jules is now 100% recovered from his leg injury. As in previous years, he aims to give his best to fight for top positions. He also told Motosprint that he does not fear the off-track rivalry with Federico, as there is a real respect between them, and they have always been able to talk with lucidity following the battles they have had on track since 2017.

The official WorldSBK tests will now take place in Barcelona on 29th and 30th March.

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