Lyon Two Wheels Salon offer

20 January 2023

GMT94 Club

Dear GMT94 Club members,

As a GMT94 club member, you have access to a promotional code for the Lyon Two Wheels Salon, which will take place on 23-26 February 2023. This promotional code allows you to have a ticket for 15€ instead of 19€ !

To do so, go to the official website of the Salon du deux roues ( and enter the promo code GMT94 in the ticketing section.

The last motorcycle ridden by Jules Cluzel, “Merci Jules”, will also be present. You can come and see it at the Salon.

The GMT94 team will be in Australia for the first round of Superbike and Supersport, but I will be there to welcome you. I suggest you come to the Mutuelle des Motards stand on Saturday at 4pm so we can meet and talk about racing to send good vibes to Australia !

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1 October 2023

Race resume

End of the weekend on the Portimão circuit in Portugal. In Supersport, Valentin Debise, who started on the 2nd row, made a good start by moving up to 4th place. But quickly, the driver of the “94” was overtaken by several competitors and after a few laps, the French driver stopped complaining of a lack of power from his Yamaha R6. We are really sorry for him because Valentin achieved […]

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24 September 2023

Race resume

In the World Supersport Championship, the Aragon circuit was not the easiest for Valentin Debise and his Yamaha R6. Less dominant than at Magny Cours, the French rider also had to contend with 950cc / 765cc and 800cc machines with faster acceleration and top speed on the very fast Aragon circuit. However, Ten Kate rider Stéfano Manzi showed that a 600cc Yamaha could take advantage of a very agile chassis […]

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