9th and 10th position for GMT94 riders in Race 1 !

17 October 2020

Estoril - Portugal

Race resume

Jules Cluzel has made a very good start, but he has to cut the throttle and deviate from his line to avoid a rider with a mechanical problem in the first corner. By restarting beyond 15th place, Jules starts to comeback on a circuit that is known to be difficult for overtakes. Thanks to multiple laps in the leaders time, he manages to rejoin the 9th place, just a few tenth from 8th. Corentin Perolari finishes in 10th position.

Jules Cluzel: “I think it would have been possible to finish in the top 5 without this incident at the first corner. But I am still satisfied because we have done a solid race, despite some pain in my right arm. The circuit turns mostly to the right with big accelerations, which stresses a lot the forearms. We are collecting important data, which is positive for next year“.

See you tomorrow at 13:45 (local time) for Race 2 on Eurosport.

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In Supersport, Lucas Mahias, who started from 10th position, was incisive from the very first laps, quickly moving up to 6th position. A position he held for most of the race. Threatened by Marcel Schrötter a few laps from the end, the GMT94 rider had to give up a place, but fought hard right to the end to secure a precious 6th position at the finish line. The French rider […]

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