Corentin Perolari injured at Imola

10 May 2019

Imola (Italy)

Race resume

It all started well for Corentin Perolari in FP1. He discovered a very difficult track and ended the session in 12th position. A great performance he wanted to improve by starting the FP2 session. A brutal high-side followed by a percussion with the bike of Randy Krummenacher who could not avoid Corentin’s Yamaha R6, caused concern in GMT94’s box. Recovering his spirits during a first stay at the medical center, Corentin had to reassure his team despite a collarbone and a sore arm with the only fear of having a broken collarbone. Corentin is doing pretty well from this brutal fall.


Remi Guyot: “Corentin is fine. I’m still with him at Imola’s Hospital. It took a long time to regain his senses because the shock was also violent on the head. He will be able to thank his helmet manufacturer and the airbag of his suit who really protected him. His collarbone is broken, but the time of recovery will soon begin and this misadventure will soon be a bad memory.”


Christophe Guyot: “We are doing good. Especially since Randy Krummenacher who was at the wrong time, in the wrong place, could have hurt himself too. This is fortunately not the case. Corentin is obviously disappointed to miss a race. But he will recover quickly and the whole team is waiting for his return in good shape with patience.”

Photo: © Lukasz Swiderek

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