End of practice in Portugal

28 January 2019


1’44″8 for Jules Cluzel who takes the best lap time of these tests on the track of Portimão. 1’46″2 for Corentin Perolari who takes the 5th lap time. Weather conditions were particularly hard with a wind of an intensity comparable to Mistral of southern France. It was particularly difficult to be perfectly comfortable in these conditions.

Christophe Guyot: We can be satisfied with our tests. Despite a tricky track, Jules had never ridden so fast on Portimão’s track (1’45″0 in qualifying last year). We have tested many solutions at all levels: engine braking, suspensions as well as a new engine. We can thank the investment of Alessandro Giussani (Suter engineer), for the developments of the Suter clutch which are perfectly suited to Jules and Corentin. The 2019 version is a little more efficient and the work done by Bruno Bailly (Yamaha engine), Grégory Rebeyrat (GMT94 engine) and Danielson Engineering, our “engine” partner, was efficient. We’re going to Australia with a powerful Yamaha R6. Corentin Perolari took the opportunity to make long runs and ride in used tires to prepare his racing pace. All the developments validated by Jules are precious to him and the two riders feel ready for the first race.”

Jules Cluzel: “I love my GMT94 Yamaha R6. I enjoy it. I have fun. All the settings we are doing are going in the right direction. Not easy to ride without doing mistakes with the gusts of wind that destabilized us a lot, and I’m surprised of my regular pace in 1’45”. The gear shifter on the right side is now adopted and it’s been a long time since I was not happy that way, it’s a good omen for the upcoming season.”

Corentin Perolari: “I would have liked riding a little faster on my new tire, but the wind stopped me and I did not want to do a mistake. I was able to ride in 1’46 every lap regardless of tire wear. I’m really happy because I can be much more consistent. This was the goal of these tests. Thanks to Rémi Guyot who helped me on these four days of practice to stay focused on this goal. I can’t wait to be in Australia.”

© Photo : José Lourenco

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