End of the first tests in Spain

21 March 2021

Navarre - Espagne


On Tuesday 09 March, Dorna Sports announced the addition of a new race to the 2021 calendar, at the Navarra circuit (Spain). This news came to modify the plans of GMT94. Taking advantage of the opportunity offered to ride on March 17/18, the “94” team decided to go to Spain to learn this new track.

The two days of testing were intense and particularly instructive. The weather and the sun were there. The riders worked to find all the setup bases for their 2021 Yamaha R6. Jules Cluzel and Federico Caricasulo were happy to ride on a new track which has some interesting features. They had fun. The GMT94 team was also delighted to discover a particularly welcoming region and a circuit equipped with a beautiful infrastructure that will undoubtedly satisfy the competitors and the public.

Jules Cluzel : “These tests confirmed my 100% comeback after my 2020 Aragon injury. I am delighted because I enjoyed riding my machine. The Navarra track is really nice. I think it can be a nice track also for the spectators.

Federico Caricasulo :” This is the first time that I have met the whole GMT94 team and their Yamaha R6. We immediately found the right way to set up the bike. The Navarra track is complete, with fast and slow turns. I had fun.

The two riders concluded the tests with similar lap times. Authors of 29 victories in the Supersport world championship, ( 20 for Jules Cluzel and 9 for Federico), the two GMT94 riders know that they will be opponents for the world title.

Christophe Guyot: “We are living Navarra in a dream situation”. For the riders because each one can draw inspiration from the other to make further progress. For us because we can thus change the settings of our Yamaha R6 to make them more efficient. The fight with same material can only be a source of satisfaction and motivation for each of them. For us, it may be the opportunity to see the two bikes compete for victory. This would be the ideal scenario because the team is also aiming for the world champion title which can be won by adding the points gleaned by the two riders during each event.

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