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24 June 2020

Circuit Carole


On Thursday, June 18, Jules Cluzel sets the new lap record on Circuit Carole. Jules’ talent was an essential part of this performance. But after the number of reactions on the onboard video of the GMT94 rider, here is some more information about this record.

The bike is a Yamaha R6 in World Supersport Championship configuration. This means that the bike has not been specially prepared for this record. The braking system is the original one. The brake pads are Brembo Z-04, and the discs are from France Equipement 5.5mm.

The engine delivers 153 horsepower at its best in a curve, which is approximately 20 more than the original Yamaha R6, according to World Supersport Championship rules. Crankshaft, camshafts, pistons and connecting rods are all from GYTR.

The Öhlins rear suspension is the commercially available Öhlins rear suspension. A special black treatment by Toby, with a change of cartridge and oil is done on the original fork.

The tyres used are Pirelli Supercorsa 180 at the rear and Pirelli slicks at the front. Jules regularly drove in 59.9 – 1.00.0 with World Supersport configuration tyres. Softer tyres were then fitted. Jules then went down in 59.6, 59.4, 59.2, 59.1 and finally 58.9. The slick qualifying tyres were not the same size as the grooved Supercorsa, and caused a loss in agility. That’s why this choice was made.

The Elf fuel that powers the machine is the same as that used in World Supersport. It’s better suited to the engine’s compression ratio, compared to the 98 on the market.

The STM clutch allows you to release the clutch in one go, without having to worry about the rear wheel blocking, which is automatically managed by the anti-dribble system and the motorcycle’s electronic box.

The Domino shifter on the motorcycle allows an extreme optimization of the time between gears. The tailor-made air duct and air filter supplied by Sprint Filter, allow a better performance of the motorcycle.

The gear ratio was 14×43, with a first shift in the three slow corners. Indeed, the World Supersport regulations allow the length of the first gear to be played with. The first gear is therefore longer and less violent than the original one.

Finally, Jules Cluzel has the gear selector on the right side, and the rear brake on the handlebars, following surgery on the left ankle, limiting his mobility.

See you now on August 2nd at Eurosport for the second round of the World Supersport Championship on the Jerez circuit!

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