Last test before leaving to Imola, Italy

7 May 2019

Circuit Carole

Flash News

Corentin Perolari did a lot of laps on the Circuit Carole in order to be ready for the next race in Imola (Italy). Our partners Zoreole and Acorus Networks were also there and got some images for a video game. 

Corentin Perolari : “I’m so happy about today. The step is great. To make a 1.00.3 with a R6 is unbelievable, and I have fun on the bike. We have a new fork which is really efficient. I also worked on my corner entries, I feel that I’m getting better and better. GMT94 is always helping me, and we enjoy it !”

Christophe GUYOT : “1’00″5 at each lap and a 1’00″3 at the end with an ideal time of  1’00″135 is amazing, the 00″59 is close. The previous lap record had been made by Lucas Mahias with a 1’00″9 (Supersport French Championship version). Corentin is motivated, he’s always listening and is getting better than ever. I’m sure he will end on the podium during a round of the World Supersport Championship. We work on different aspects to improve our bike on details, of course Jules Cluzel will also have the fork and new settings of the engine brake !”

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24 September 2023

Race resume

In the World Supersport Championship, the Aragon circuit was not the easiest for Valentin Debise and his Yamaha R6. Less dominant than at Magny Cours, the French rider also had to contend with 950cc / 765cc and 800cc machines with faster acceleration and top speed on the very fast Aragon circuit. However, Ten Kate rider Stéfano Manzi showed that a 600cc Yamaha could take advantage of a very agile chassis […]

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13 September 2023

Race resume

Hugo Camus, President of the GMT94 Club, together with Audrey Laurent, Judes Asaph, Gregory Asaph, Eric Lacoste and Laurent Allamanche, had organised events for the hundreds of GMT94 Club members who had booked their place to visit the stand, the official Yamaha hospitality, and to win a trip to the World Championship final in Jerez (Spain) as well as numerous prizes. Thank you to all the supporters! Congratulations to the […]

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