A strong race 1 in Assen.

23 April 2022

Assen - Netherlands

Race resume

After an encouraging Friday afternoon, Jules Cluzel finally started from 10th place on the starting grid. Thanks to several overtakings, and a few crashes from his competitors, the GMT94 Yamaha R6 rider finished 4th in Race 1.

The GMT94 rider never gave up, despite a handicap due to the new 2022 regulation which penalizes light riders. The pace shown in the race was excellent. 3 tenths per lap slower than the leaders of the race, despite a handicap of 8 kg, shows a will and an intact talent.

Unfortunately for Andy Verdoïa, pain in his right forearm prevented him from starting the race. He was declared unfit by the FIM doctor. The GMT94 team has already arranged a medical appointment for its rider for next week, so that a diagnosis can be made quickly.

Jules Cluzel: “Of course, I dream of better. But I gave it my all. I’m happy to have found the energy and strength to fight in these conditions. I finally enjoyed it, even if I hope that the authorities will react quickly. I hope to be able to do even better tomorrow.

Christophe Guyot: “Well done to Jules Cluzel who will always surprise us in races. After more than 50 races with us, he delights us every time. However, we are going through a difficult period since it was decided to make the bikes of Jules and Andy Verdoïa heavier. Their bikes are heavier than the Superbike machines. In these conditions, this 4th place of Jules is a real performance.

See you tomorrow at 12:30 for the start of race 2!

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