Magny-Cours, the race !

29 September 2019

Magny-Cours - France

Race resume

All the free practice sessions were held on a very difficult track due to a constant rainfall. The unpredictable weather did not allow the GMT94 riders to find many settings for a dry track.

From the start, our wild card rider, Maximilien Bau, was unlucky and got caught in the first corner. Fortunately, this collective crash by three riders did not cause any physical damage to Maximilien. The rider is in good shape, and we hope a good recovery to the two other riders. His superb weekend ended with a bit of bad luck and did not affect his natural talent in any way.

Following the red flag, the quick restart procedure is set up for a race reduced to 12 laps. A new crash pushed back Corentin Perolari, who found himself in the leading pack. However, he made a superb comeback to finish 7th in the French round.

Having tried new settings for the dry track, Jules Cluzel, who led a part of the race, finished sixth. The track conditions, being far from the free practice sessions, did not allow him to find good sensations.

Jules Cluzel: “It’s a shame about this race that I led for several laps. I felt very well in the Lycée’s curve and in many places, the overtaking of my competitors made me lose a lot of time, and I was not confident in some other corners. I made a mistake in the last lap at the beginning of the first corner. All this, with the tight race, gave me 6th place. Despite everything, we come back home with 10 points and we stay in the race for the title. I was hoping for better for my national race but also for the public and the whole team. I’ll have a chance to make it betterave in the Argentinian race.”

Corentin Perolari: “I’m quite confused because I did my best race of the year but I was embarrassed by the crash of a rider. As I was spreading out, I went out on the grass doing acrobatics. Despite everything, I had a rhythm that could have given me a place on the podium. My confidence is growing and we are heading for Argentina, a track I really appreciate!”

Maximilien Bau: “I am sad to have finished my weekend at GMT94 in this way. I was hit at the first corner of the first lap. Fortunately, I manage without injury even though I would have liked to continue the race. Last year, I also had to give up after a collision with a rider. It’s only a postponement and I’m already looking forward to 2020 with new projects! I would like to thank GMT94, Yamaha France, the French Federation and Mutuelle des Motards, for their commitment in this project. I lived as a factory rider during a whole week end.”

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