Podium for Kyle Smith, P16 of Corentin Perolari in Race 1.

19 September 2020

Barcelona - Spain

Race resume

After a successful FP3 for the GMT94 riders who finished the session in first and fourth position, the Superpole was looking promising. During the Superpole, Corentin Perolari finished 3rd. Kyle Smith was 7th fastest.

At the beginning of the race, Corentin Perolari took a very good start. He then moved into the lead, before finding himself in a battle for 4th place with Kyle Smith. Then, rain appeared, forcing the whole field to go back to the pits on the next lap. Only Kyle Smith and Lucas Mahias stayed on the track for one more lap. The GMT94 team performed two excellent flag-to-flag procedures (pit stop to put on rain tyres). Then at the front of the race, the red flag came out at the end of the pit-lane, when many teams were changing tyres. In spite of his passage in the lead at the end of the pit lane, Kyle Smith was finally announced third in the general incomprehension. Corentin Perolari, who had just come out of the pits before the red flag was presented, was announced 16th.

The GMT94 team finishes once again on the podium, in strange conditions. Congratulations to Kyle Smith for his excellent race. Tomorrow the dry weather is announced for the whole day, and will allow everyone to express themselves fully.

Oscar Gutierrez, fighting for 7th place, also had a good race before the rain arrived. He finishes in 19th position.

Kyle Smith: “I am really happy to finish on the podium. Of course we could have had an even better result, but after such a difficult year for me, this podium is special. I would like to thank the GMT94 team for giving me a chance this weekend. They have done a great pit-stop , which would have put us in perfect conditions if the race had continued. I also have a thought for Jules Cluzel, who I hope will come back soon“.

Corentin Perolari: “I am disappointed. I was fighting for 4th place, I think I came back at the right time to pass the rain tyres. In spite of that I finished 16th, without really understanding how this is possible. Tomorrow I will start from 3rd position again and I will give my best“.

Christophe Guyot: “First of all, congratulations to Kyle for his podium. In the difficult conditions he showed great control and overtook one by one his competitors. Corentin would have finished between 4th and 6th place. Of course the result is disappointing. Tomorrow is a new day, and we are sure that Corentin and Kyle can be fast.

See you tomorrow at 12.30 pm for race 2, live on Eurosport.

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