Portugal: A look back at Valentin Debise’s stoppage in race 2.

3 October 2023

Race resume

After a fine 5th place in race 1, Valentin Debise set off in race 2 with his sights set on the podium. Starting from fourth position, the rider of the number 94 Yamaha R6 soon found himself in trouble with a bike that was losing power. Valentin decided to stop, also complaining of a tricky throttle response. Of course, all the observers could notice the drop in engine performance on track. A drop in power confirmed by an unusual top speed of twenty-seventh. On arriving at the workshop, the chief mechanic and engine builder confirmed that the engine had lost 20cv (136cv instead of 156cv). As the engine is lead-sealed (FIM regulations), it will not be possible to open it before the next race in Jerez and we will have to wait to understand the cause of this technical problem, which seems to have affected cylinder number 1 (after measuring the compressions). Of course, a new engine will be installed in Valentin’s Yamaha R6, to enable him to reach a final podium at the end of the 2023 season.

Christophe Guyot: “First of all, we’re sorry for Valentin, who had high hopes of a podium finish, and the whole team believed in it. In four full seasons, we have never experienced this scenario. Our top speeds have always been in the top 10, with Valentin Debise riding his Yamaha R6 at one of the best speeds in the field, all makes included, in a number of sessions and races. It’s likely that the drop in power began during the warm-up session. Valentin’s fourteenth position should have alerted us, and we regret that.”

Valentin Debise: “I’m happy with my first race. I fought hard to finish less than a tenth of fourth place. I felt really fit for race 2, but we all have to accept the ups and downs of motorsport. See you in Jerez. I feel more motivated than ever.”

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