GMT94 has arrived in Australia

16 February 2019

Race resume

This morning at 5.00 a.m. (local time), GMT94 landed in Australia. 

We get onboard on 14.02.19 at 08.00 p.m. in Paris. After seven hours of flight, we did a stop in Abu Dhabi, then we took another plane for twelve hours.

Despite a long travel, mechanics were on the track at 10.00 a.m. to set up the box. Indeed, enthusiam won against tiredness. 

Australia is wonderful, and we’re really happy to race here. We have decided to lodge in a house instead of a hotel. GMT94 is a welded family. This atmosphere helps us to have a great approach for the race.

The box set up will continue tomorrow.

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In Supersport, Lucas Mahias, who started from 10th position, was incisive from the very first laps, quickly moving up to 6th position. A position he held for most of the race. Threatened by Marcel Schrötter a few laps from the end, the GMT94 rider had to give up a place, but fought hard right to the end to secure a precious 6th position at the finish line. The French rider […]

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