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The GMT94 race summaries are more than just a record of results. You'll find important information from free practice, after qualifying and, of course, at the end of the races.Rankings, interviews, race facts as well as strategies and challenges taken up by the GMT94 team are all brought together in these summaries. Available on the evening of each race, GMT94's race summaries are designed to help you relive the action on the track.

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P1 for Jules Cluzel. P16 for Corentin Perolari at the end of Day 1.

5 July 2019

Donington - England

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It has been a great day for the rider of the Yamaha 16 who finishes with the best lap time of the day. Jules has been able to have a good rhythm with many laps in 1’30 – 1’31, and the best speed. Tomorrow will be cooler, opponents are strong, so the qualification practice will be interesting to follow.

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End of the free practices in Jerez, Spain

7 June 2019

Jerez - Spain

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Weather was perfect and the sun was shining when World Supersport 600 started their sessions. The first pick of tyres made by GMT94 riders was not the best in FP1, which has been corrected in FP2 with a harder tyre.

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